Shun-yi ice product machinery factory established on 1977. We devoted in invention of ice production machinery, and keep to study to improve with long term experiment. Target to create the whole set of small and medium-sized automatic production equipment for popsicle and ice cream. And we have applied successfully and constantly.
Shun-yi ice product machinery factory has legal license to produce the popsicle and ice cream. The original purpose is to test the function of ice production machine. Now, we break through the tradition to create the new technique in production process. And we developed the tasty and 
healthy product for this new generation with high fat removing, and low energy keeping as the most high quality ice cream worldwide.
Our foundry also has outsourcing service in all kind of popsicle and ice products production.
QQQ Ice cream converting machine is the new invention for retail sales, which has unique function in process and easy to maintain. It can produce the ice cream with chewy texture. And it is low 
power-consumption, cost-saving, no leftovers, easy to clean, and can gain high profit. This machine has the international patent and we welcome the leaguer from all the countries.
The high quality ice cream from ice cream converting machine is taste and with reasonable price. It has gotten the most appreciation from lots of consumers.